Five Easy Steps to Protect Writers Against AI

Since it’s been in the news on a daily basis, let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence.

We all know that AI can mine your work to train it’s algorithms and then use your work to generate similar content. It can be either our friend or foe when it comes to protecting the copyrights in our work.

Here are 5 EASY Steps you can take to protect your work product:

  1. Set up a GOOGLE ALERT for each of your books which will notify you whenever someone accesses your work.
  2. Include a SHORT OPT OUT notice on the Copyright Page of your book stating that your book cannot be used for AI training. Reserve the right to license uses and reproduction of your work.
  3. Watch what you put on your WEBSITE. Be careful what you share on line. The Authors Guild has instructions for installing a file called robot.txt to prevent webcrawlers.
  4. Check HAVEIBEENTRAINED.COM to determine whether your has been harvested.
  5. And most important – Stay informed and become educated about AI. Join the Authors Guild, The Copyright Alliance, attend conferences, and online seminars.

Follow these tips to protect your rights in your projects against the robots marching our way!



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